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Do Good Things. 

Drink Good Coffee.

Our Why

In Care of Coffee is a family owned and operated Non-Profit 501(c)3 business. We have tied our heart for Guatemalan and local missions along with our love of coffee. Profits from each bag of select Guatemalan coffee sold will go towards having real and relevant impact on the areas in which we reside as well as the communities in Guatemala where our coffee is grown. 

Our PURPOSE is to touch lives and be an inspiration and catalyst of Hope wherever needs arise.

Our VISION is to be a contributing partner to those who serve in Guatemala and are making significant, real and relevant impact in the lives of individuals, families and communities in the coffee growing regions of Guatemala.

Our MISSION is to offer our customers the best Guatemalan coffees possible and supply delicious, fresh-roasted, select, single-origin, Guatemalan coffees in varieties they love and that represent our passion for coffee and serving others.

Do Good Things - Drink Good Coffee

We bought the Hylander Creme and Whole bean medium roast and both are soo good!! Normally I'm not a fan of flavored coffee due to the weird taste but not so with Hylander !!!I absolutely love supporting In Care of Coffee because of the quality and the fact they personally know the owners of the farm and have been to the location. That means the world to us!!

Regina Pirogowicz
"Normally I'm not a fan of flavored coffee due to weird taste but not so with Hylander!"

Bought the Hylander flavor and boy did it make a great cup of coffee, tasted like a fancy cup of top of the line coffee that I get to drink at my house and not some fancy coffee shop! Definitely will purchase more because this is delicious!

Leah Corcoran
"Fancy coffee that I get to drink at home!"

Our Story

Emily & Jeff

Founders (Guatemala Trip 2013)

In Care of Coffee is a non-profit 501(c)3

Before getting into the how In Care Of came about and the why we decided to start this business there are two facts about the Williams family that you must know. There are two passions that all five members of the family share; their love for God, and their love for Coffee. We hope that when you partner with us by buying our coffee, both of those things are evident.

Now, for the how….

In 2012 Jeff made his first trip to Guatemala and quickly developed a heart for the community he saw, the culture he experienced, and the people he helped. Since that trip he has gone back every year, sometimes multiple times a year either by himself, or accompanied by friends, his kids, or his wife. During these trips homes are built, children that cannot walk due to illness, malnutrition, or injury are placed in wheelchairs, the story of Christ’s love is spread, school supplies are donated, buildings are repaired, physical therapy is paid for, local pastors are given the money they need to grow their churches and continue to spread the gospel long after we’ve gone and SO much more. If there is a need, it’s met if possible.

Emily, Jeff’s youngest child, went to Guatemala with him for the first time in 2013 when she was sixteen. During their time there they had the opportunity to go to a coffee farm. They toured the farm and watched the roasting process and of course, brought coffee home for all their friends and family. The coffee they brought home that year quickly became the favorite and most requested souvenir by friends and family from every trip.

Now, another thing you should know about the Williams’ is that having a family business, something to pass on to the kids/grandkids, has always been in the back of their minds. There have been jokes of mechanic/hot dog shops, food trucks, consulting business’ that touch on all the family members expertise but none of these ideas ever took flight. One year when Jeff was in Guatemala, he got the idea of importing coffee, he started asking local friends what that would look like. Emily having not talked to her Dad about his idea, was at home in Ohio and started thinking about what it would look like to have a family Café. When the two finally talked and told each other their ideas they realized that out of all the random family business ideas, this one may just work. Not only did it encompass their two passions, faith and coffee, but it also seemed to be falling in place perfectly without them even trying.

So here we are, a few years after that first conversation about a family Café between Jeff and Emily, we are roasting coffee imported from local farms in Guatemala where we personally know the owners, and with every sale we are donating our profits back in to those very communities and families. We didn’t just want to stop there though. We come back from these trips very aware of the needs of the people in Guatemala but also with open eyes and hearts to the needs of people in our local communities. With that in mind, a portion of our profits will go back into local communities to help meet the needs of those we may come across daily. 

In Care of Coffee is a non-profit 501(c)3. 

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